• Part of speech: undefined
    • Other antonyms
      wicked, lubricious, inexpiable, weak, sneaking, base, contemptible, wrong, sick, sordid, randy, trampy, notorious, spineless, disreputable, debased, libidinous, currish, namby-pamby, Goatish, shy, snide, profligate, despicable, corrupt, sluttish, soft, opprobrious, vicious, unforgivable, dirty, degenerate, criminal, froward, lewd, cruddy, scabby, material, unclean, dissolute, Low-minded, ignominious, dark, unjustifiable, Rakehell, arbitrary, unrighteous, passionate, unmoral, sinful, frail, unprincipled, shameful, hot, low, guilty, oversexed, perverse, dishonorable, inexcusable, infamous, illegal, purchasable, rakish, debauched, nerveless, unfair, evil, venal, diabolical, milk-and-water, weakling, sleazy, characterless, cheap, lecherous, riotous, paltry, disgraceful, detestable, execrable, loose, unethical, wanton, jackleg, demoniac, grubby, scandalous, shocking, bodily, lousy, unlawful, ratty, lustful, effete, unsavory, untruthful, unpardonable, bribable, peremptory, willful, black, licentious, physical, decadent, itchy, scrofulous, low-down, iniquitous, libertine, corporal, degraded, insupportable, dictatorial, culpable, errant, limp-wristed, depraved, discreditable, skanky, rotten, immoral, imperious, wet, wishy-washy, naughty, weakened, wretched, vile, scummy, demoralized, sorry, indefensible, lascivious, lying, Concupiscent, dissipated, flagitious, louche, warped, unwholesome, abominable, villainous, devilish, mendacious, machiavellian, Fiendish, corporeal, cacodemonic, contrary, satyric, demonic, unwarrantable, ignoble, perverted, satanic, wimpy, Demonian, dishonest, mischievous, salacious, unscrupulous, amoral, hypersexual, wimpish, nasty, shady, bad, corruptible, felonious, cutthroat, invertebrate, deplorable, unconscionable, fast, foul, weak-kneed, slatternly, Misbehaving, scurvy, shoddy, unsportsmanlike, unrespectable, Luciferian, nefarious, reprobate, lame.

Usage examples:

We have heard even more about its essentially morbid character, though people used to think it a moral defect.
- Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
There's a deal in the moral of these things.
- Red Men and White by Owen Wister
These two were moral support for each other.
- Lords of the Stratosphere by Arthur J. Burks
As to the moral success of the thing,- as soon as they realize it is past the dangerous stage they will be eager to join.
- A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen
Moreover, we cannot too often remind ourselves that the idea of copyright, either legal or moral is modern.
- Chaucer and His England by G. G. Coulton