• Part of speech: undefined
    • Other antonyms
      vitiate, profligacy, smear, slur, humiliate, canker, animalize, falsehood, obscurity, mendaciousness, tirade, vilify, contemn, scandal, reprove, annoy, vilification, defame, censure, reprehend, asperse, brand, decry, brutalize, Libertinism, subvert, deceit, harangue, dishonour, Libertinage, anonymity, silence, Vilifying, insult, objurgation, deteriorate, smudge, depravity, Libeling, philippic, disrespect, deprave, ignominy, riot act, sink, provoke, onus, Maligning, back down, licentiousness, offend, irritate, grievance, spot, untruthfulness, debauch, Defaming, dehumanize, denounce, cheapen, blot, lower, lessen, reprimand, nowheresville, reduce, wound, rebuke, debauchery, jeremiad, back out, denunciation, reproach, deceitfulness, blackening, renege, unrighteousness, calumniate, namelessness, vice, facelessness, odium, stigma, look down, taint, degrade, discredit, sin, shame, vex, unfairness, humble, Calumniation, mendacity, disgrace, disrepute, iniquity, desecrate, take down, anathematize, calumny, corruption, chasten, reproof, execrate, bestialize, defamation, fink out, stricture, condemnation, obloquy, exasperate, cop out, opprobrium, commination, blacken, Aspersing, cast down, dishonesty, tease, reflection, stain, abase, violate, slander, Smearing, attaint, smirch, condemn, Traducing, affront, aggravate, excoriation, disesteem, depress, back off, debase, demoralize, libel, diatribe, nowhere, objurgate, infamy, character assassination, dishonor, displease, bastardize, traduce, rant, injustice.

Usage examples:

I take no thought of honor for I had rather rest me than be lord of all the world.
- King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Unknown
I have that honor
- The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath
Too much honor cannot be given, ' etc."
- The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop by Hamlin Garland
" Your Honor we throw ourselves upon the mercy of the Court.
- Life Sentence by James McConnell
You shall live in all honor Madaline.
- Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)